#GivingTuesday2017: Philanthropy is a Good Habit

Philanthropy and Sponsorship


#givingtuesday2017 at wings of love

Independent charities and nonprofit organizations, like Wings of Love, Inc., are always in need of funding. Donations given to charitable institutions like ours are often a large source of their income for operations and causes. There are generally two ways to receive donations-- one is through philanthropic means; the other through business partnership or sponsorship.

Philanthropy is generally seen as the first means of giving when it comes to charitable foundations; sponsorship on the other hand, usually comes as an alternative. Although giving is generally thought as the much preferred method of funding; it may come as a surprise to know that sponsorship for nonprofit organizations is a more rewarding and productive means of support for all parties: Disadvantaged Americans in need, the charitable organizations and their supporters.


All size corporations typically have two main business reasons for sponsor nonprofit activities; and these are tax savings and public relations. Although any form of help or support generates an overall positive effect, it is mainly through these two reasons why sponsorship is pushed on by businesses.

However, nothing is compared to the satisfaction of helping others to succeed. So, philanthropy is a good habit, and that's why we're celebrating this 2017 the #GivingTuesday movement, as every year since 2012.

For Wings of Love, Inc., the #GivingTuesday2017 is not only a philanthropic date, it's also an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN to invite all size businesses to become sponsors of our nonprofit activities: In terms of satisfying all parties, our sponsors get the chance to associate themselves with our charitable organization and create -- beyond tax breaks -- an amount of exposure that highlights the importance of the sponsor companies in our community.

Sponsorship for nonprofit organizations like Wings of Love, Inc. has a positive impact for companies names as well as for their products and services. Through this publicity, the aim for social awareness is reached by both sponsor and sponsee.

Some examples where sponsorship thrives in donations and public awareness are the following: A bookstore may donate books to an orphanage and at the same time let the public know about the store to gain customers. A clothing company sponsors specially designed t-shirts for volunteers to wear when there is a charitable event; and through wearing the t-shirt, the company not only helps in donating, but also makes the public aware of their brand.

Sponsorship for charities is basically seen as a win-win partnership. For example, when an event is sponsored by a corporation, the charity wouldn't have to worry how to provide the food and drinks needed since it would be covered by the sponsor's funding.

By supporting through the use of sponsoring, a business uses their budget for advertising and marketing, leaving their funds for philanthropy (if there is ever) alone and untouched. Through using such a budget, the business is able to use the costs as tax-deductibles from their expenses. This way, sponsorship helps in letting the business be cost-efficient.

It should not be seen, however, that customers purchases can be a useful way to support philanthropy, or even to be a philanthropist. Donations and funding of this nature is often praised and well-advocated by the public. Everybody wins in this virtuous, productive circle, to benefit disadvantaged social groups in our community!

Whether you are a business owner, a consumer or simply a good hearted philanthropist, think of the next #GivingTuesday2017 as a golden opportunity to pamper yourself and/or your business at the same time you're helping disadvantaged American people to succeed.

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