If She’d Had Early Support to Develop Her Working Skills

I finally got my first computer (after an entire lifetime of poverty and homelessness) when I was in my early 40’s and had been married (which is how I finally got myself housed since no one ever gave me a chance for a job). I began teaching myself software development skills at the age of 46 once high speed Internet was finally made available in my area (I live in the poor side of a poor Rust Belt town sandwiched between the Midwest and the ass-end of Appalachia), without any money to afford courses, books, or dev bootcamps that guarantee employment upon graduation or your tuition 100% refunded.

Jacqueline Homan (50 years old)
Software Engineer and Trafficking Survivor

Louis Boudreaux, one of our #WINGSOFLOVEINC volunteers, found in Quora the Jacqueline Homan’s touching story, that concisely responds to the people’s indifference before the human drama at social abandonment, and after reading it, the immediate thought among Wings of Love, Inc. team members was: What would it happened if the protagonist of this true story and her sister had had an early support to develop their working skills?

Jacqueline and her older sister went orphan in their teen age, with no extended family help. Both had to drop out school to work to survive, but the jobs and their income were not enough to live their American middle class dream, so they became homeless and victims of traffic in persons and prostitution. Jacky survived to tell her story to the world. Her sister didn’t.

You can read below all the shocking details of Jacqueline and her sister’s tragedy. We’re sharing this harsh story because we want our visitors to be aware of the importance to help youngsters since their early age, to develop their creativity and working skills to generate their own income; to become entrepreneurs or, at least, to assertively solve daily issues.

Wings of Love, Inc. is working to build a strong social network to support and protect those people who only need a hand to boost their potential to enrich our community's life through work and creativity.

Girls and boys have equal rights to enjoy life with health, wealth, wisdom and freedom. We must not label humans for their skin color, religion or sexual preference. We must acknowledge people’s intelligence and good feelings to build a kind human society coexisting in peace with other species in our planet... perhaps in the whole universe.

We must end stories like Jacqueline's by rescuing disadvantaged youngsters on anticipation to possible crisis. Jacky’s story is particularly striking because despite her homeless conditions and poverty, she found out the way to overcome tragedy using the Internet technology.  So, Jacqueline made evident that it's feasible to provide teenagers the tools to make a life out of poverty or disadvantagement before these conditions deepens to be transformed in violence, crime and social hate.

Jacqueline has her own challenges at her 50 years old, and -- hopefully -- a long life yet to enjoy the seeds of her efforts.

On our side, at Wings of Love, Inc. we're committed to change hundreds of young lives in struggle by giving American kids in hazardous situations, an opportunity to develop their human potential through Information Technologies (IT) resources, via our nonprofit programs like the "Young Entrepreneurs Under 21."


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