I decided to include this organization [Wings of Love, Inc.] in my research paper due to the unique characteristics portrayed in this organization. I wanted to show the various ways in which society has been helping towards this cause as well as, a few places in which the students in my class could count on helping out!

Sol Tobolski, High School student from Florida*

What is Wings of Love, Inc.?
It's a nonprofit corporation in good standing, incorporated and headquartered in Nevada state, United States of America, with a federal tax address in Los Angeles, California.

Has Wings of Love, Inc. the 501(c)3 status?
Yes. Wings of Love, Inc. got the 501(c)3 IRS tax exemption in December 2015, so all your donations are non-deductible in the United States of America.

When was Wings of Love, Inc. founded?
Wings of Love, Inc. was founded on July 11, 1996

Who did found Wings of Love, Inc.?
Wings of Love, Inc. was founded by Mr. Roome Hameed, an American entrepreneur and philanthropist from Los Angeles, California.

Why did Wings of Love, Inc. start?
Wings of Love, Inc. was originally founded to protect natural environment by promoting and sponsoring social welfare activities for the common good. The Wings of Love’s founders began their charity deeds in their neighborhood, early in 1996 by distributing warm food for homeless. Later, they engaged a few volunteers to organize a couple of toy rallies for children living in Los Angeles low-income areas. Soon, the Wings of Love’s members realized that they could use technology to improve the life of communities, and adapted the organization’s strategy to help beneficiaries through Internet resources.

Who does Wings of Love, Inc. serve?
Wings of Love, Inc. serves our planet by mentoring vulnerable and/or economically disadvantaged population in the United States of America to improve their life, mainly by using the Information Technologies (IT) resources, and we're working to grow up to be everywhere in the world that health, wealth, wisdom and freedom are needed.

How did this organization grow over time?
It’s been a more than 20 year hard work with ups and downs. Wings of Love, Inc. depends on volunteers’ activities to raise funds and to help beneficiaries. Besides this, our organization, along the time has tested different programs. We’ve gotten long-term support from sponsors for those programs that have proven to have an extended impact in our targeted communities.

 What’s the best thing about this organization?
Wings of Love, Inc. is an online nonprofit hub which uses the Information Technologies (IT) to generate better life opportunities for everyone.

What’s the main goal of the organization towards low-income families?
The main Wings of Love’s goal is to push anyone, but particularly low-income youngsters, to develop creative ways to solve problems, while generating health, wealth, wisdom and freedom for their communities, despite of financial limitations.

What do the Wings of Love, Inc.'s members do for this organization?
Each member in Wings of Love has an important role to accomplish the organization’s tasks. The teamwork makes everything possible in our organization, mainly because we’re a small team. All of us are committed to make our organization stronger because we know there are thousands of families in struggle to overcome poverty or unemployment, and they don't know how to do it, but their kids can help them by using their electronic devices.

Has Wings of Love, Inc. made a difference? If so, how?
Wings of Love, Inc. is making a difference in the world because we’re not a traditional charity which gives away things to solve people’s needs for a limited time: We coach people to find out effective, low cost solutions for their communities.

Where do most of Wings of Love Inc.'s funds come from?
Wings of Love, Inc. have a permanent fundraising campaign by providing a variety of online services, from entertainment to websites’ development, social media contents, and advertising strategies.

What could help Wings of Love, Inc. the most to get better?
It would be great to increase our volunteers’ network in every state, so we could develop national strategies for our nonprofit programs.

What are the best resources to learn more about Wings of Love, Inc.?
Our website www.wingsofloveinc.net is the best place to find the information about our programs and activities. We regularly update information.

What programs are offered?
Currently, Wings of Love, Inc. have 3 active programs all based on the Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 Mentoring project: Free Business Advice, Bilingual (English/Spanish) Journalistic information for Young Entrepreneurs and an Awareness Campaign for Youngsters to use IT and Internet to create small businesses and productive employment in their communities. We also have a permanent awareness campaign on a variety of top issues, like ecosystem protection, sustainable development, information and media literacy, and health care.

In your opinion, which one is the most successful?
Our program on Bilingual (English/Spanish) Journalistic information for Young Entrepreneurs has been here for 15 years. We coach young professionals and students to become skilled bloggers and online journalists, so they get the basic knowledge to help their communities basically through information and educational contents.

Why should people donate to Wings of Love, Inc. and how can you assure them their money will be wisely used?
Wings of Love, Inc. coaches people to make their dreams come true, and to build a better society by using their electronic devices. We try to get our sponsors involved in our activities, and we provide them with quarterly and annual reports.

 How do people get involved in Wings of Love, Inc. nonprofit activities?
Any support from people, civil groups and corporations that share our mission, vision and values are welcome to participate in Wings of Love, Inc. nonprofit activities. We always accept volunteers, pro bono, donations, sponsorship and brainstorm.


* We wish to thank Sol Tobolski, senior student at Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School, in Miami, Florida, who early this 2017 contacted Wings of Love, Inc. with some questions about our nonprofit work for a school assignment. We're including her questionnaire in our Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) section, since it enriches the public information displayed in this website.

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