The Best Businesses for Teenagers

Are You a Young Entrepreneur Looking For To Start Your First Own Business?

A Wings of Love, Inc.'s Expert Tells You Here What Are The Best Businesses For Teenagers

Micro businesses are the ideal company for teenagers. Micro businesses are simple to begin, they may be run at convenience from the safety of your home, and do not demand a lot of start.

Another reason that micro businesses work for teens is they're easily manageable for being small: A teenager ought to be able to run a company and keep up with school work and his/her extracurricular activities (hanging out with friends as well as participating in other activities like sports, nonprofit clubs, and church youth groups).

Running a micro business should take a few hours a week. The time commitment should be comparable to working a part-time job, but the rewards are greater for young entrepreneurs.

We had the chance to meet Emily from Los Angeles, California. She offers piano lessons for little kids and other teenagers like her. She spends three and a half hours per week at her new business. She started to offer her services, posting ads in her neighborhood's public boards. Later, Emily began to use Social Media to promote her services by posting videos of her little pupils playing the piano.

Emily, a 17 year old girl, says the piano lessons aren't a heavy load, but she's a busy high school student. She charges $8 for a half hour lesson, a cost that is very inexpensive, but that's what she'd make by working part time in a junk food restaurant.

Emily feels good in her own business because she can schedule the pupils and she does not have to spend some time driving or borrow the family car, since they come to her home. As time allows, during summers and holidays, Emily spends more time at the piano lessons. She plans to grow up her micro business as a piano academy.

If Life Becomes Too Busy, Just Put Aside The Company For A While.

Phil, a 16 year old boy from Houston, Texas, let his internet based forum company go on automatic when the baseball season begins, so he can play in the varsity team. When the season ends, he actively works at boosting his website again.

You may also work on your micro company at whatever time you want. If you wish to update your website or work on a brand new advertising flyer before school, you may do it. Several micro businesses run by teens are entirely web based, so the owners can select the hours that they work. This provides greater flexibility than a typical teenage job where the boss tells you when to arrive and how long to work.

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