Successful Thanksgiving 2019 for Los Angeles Homeless

#Thanksgiving2019 in Los Angeles, California

Last Thanksgiving Day, on November 28th, 2019, Wings of Love, Inc. distributed 50 warm meals among homeless people at the MacArthur Park and surrounding streets in Los Angeles California.

This event was possible thanks to a generous donation from the Ralphs Grocery Co. and the Koger Zero Hunger Zero Waste program, awarded to our nonprofit organization on November 6, 2019.

Wings of Love, Inc. got other significant contributions from a few Angelenos, among donors and volunteers, that allowed our nonprofit organization to feed people in need on a cold and rainy journey full of enthusiasm at helping others.

It's the first time in 15 years that Wings of Love, Inc. is leaving the online environment to go back to the streets.

After the event, the Wings of Love, Inc. volunteers  —most of them members of the Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 years old program— considered our Warm Meals for Thanksgiving Day a touching experience because they had, in this way, the opportunity to learn about the homeless people's stories.

This #Thanksgiving2019 nonprofit journey became an empathetic approaching of our volunteers and donors towards homeless tragedy. We think it will help our community to develop humanitarian solutions for a better social life.

Our young volunteers, aged 16 to 21 years old, found out there is no American dream for thousands of persons in Los Angeles, but we can work jointly to change this situation, helping homeless people to proactively overcome their condition.

It's very important to alert the world that members of the Latino community are a majority among homeless people in Los Angeles. Some of them are painfully walking the streets with no shoes nor jackets. So, when the Wings of Love, Inc. volunteers visited them in their encampments, inviting them to receive a Thanksgiving warm meal, their gratefulness warmed our volunteers' hearts.

Let's Go For More in Los Angeles, California

Let's Build A Community Kitchen for Disadvantaged People

Let's help homeless people in Los Angeles to change their lives and make them feel the neighborhood is homey despite hardship.

The Wings of Love, Inc. Warm Meals for Homeless People in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day 2019 was the first step in our plan to provide warm, balanced food for the increasing homeless population and disadvantaged seniors within an area of one mile from our Los Angeles headquarters, where our volunteer team can cook for them, instead of giving away raw food and canned cold meals.

The Wings of Love, Inc. volunteer team is ready to receive raw food from food banks that can be transformed in delicious warm meals.

Our volunteer team can efficiently feed disadvantaged people while reducing the edibles waste in our area. At last, this project seeks to create new jobs in the long term for participants, in particular among homeless people, who may cook for others after basic training.



Click on the Photo Below to Donate a Christmas Warm Meal for a Homeless Person in Los Angeles
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