Christmas 2019: Homeless People at Downtown Los Angeles Got Warm Meals Gift Cards

On Christmas Eve 2019, the Wings of Love, Inc. volunteers and donors joined efforts to distribute 100 gift cards among homeless people.

Recipients could exchange the cards for warm meals in some restaurants at the Los Angeles Downtown, where homeless people use to settle down.

The distribution of gift cards allowed homeless people to decide the right time to exchange them for their preferred warm meal, even in the next weeks or months, if they would wish it.

The Christmas gift for homeless people distributed by Wings of Love, Inc. included holiday cookies, which had an unexpected success among recipients.

With this kind of charitable activity, the Wings of Love, Inc. team looks for improving the social environment in the city’s areas with an increasing number of homeless people.

It's time to provide solutions to the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, California. Let's keep working to help homeless people to leave the streets, and find a better life for them.

Los Angeles Downtown Homeless People

Our nonprofit organization invites you to join us with a brainstorm to solve the homeless crisis. All these people deserve to live a safe and productive life, and every member of our community can help them to build their American dream.

It's for them. It's for all of us.

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