UCanBeHealthier®, Alternative Medicine Tips

UCanBeHealthier®, “Preventive Alternative Medicine for All” is our Online Awareness Campaign on Health and Wellness Preventive Care to mentor people about the benefits of alternative medicine, natural food, and healthy habits to prevent diseases for a better way of life.

This Wings of Love, Inc. awareness campaign includes a website (reachable through www.ucanbehealthier.com or www.ucanbehealthier.org) that publishes articles, books and educational videos developed by professionals on Health Topics. Additionally, you can purchase all kind of Alternative Medicine products on TAX DEDUCTIBLE BASIS.

Wings of Love, Inc. is working to train youngsters from the Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 nonprofit program who will be able to provide personalized advice for UCanBeHealthier.com visitors related to Alternative Medicine issues.

The UCanBeHealthier® nonprofit program launched in early September 2018 its YouTube channel to offer useful healthcare advice, provided by experts from the international Health Sector.

Renowned professionals in the Health Sector, like Dr. Mamata Chithriki from Los Angeles, California, are actively contributing to this Wings of Love, Inc. nonprofit program, which aims to engage our community in a healthier way of living.


The UCanBeHealthier® Alternative Medicine Tips YouTube Channel

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