Our Nonprofit Programs

Wings of Love, Inc. NV CA A 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation

Wings of Love, Inc.‘s purpose is to enhance social and natural environment by creating a virtuous circle of social responsibility, wealth, wellness, wisdom and freedom for everybody in the world. The organization creates and publishes a variety of exclusive information and entertainment contents in the internet, aimed to raise funds to promote and sponsor social welfare activities and awareness campaigns on issues related to culture, education, environment, health, sustainable development, etc.


  • Sustainable Development
  • Education & Social Responsibility
  • Health & Wellness
  • Information & Media Literacy
  • Entertainment

Projects in Seed...

Good Deeds® Network.- Donate, exchange, crowdfund and volunteer for the common good.

The YoungKidOntheBlock® (YKB) Education Fund.- Innovative private funding program which seeks to empower middle and low income parents/guardians in the United States of America to endow their children's education with self-generated financial resources in spare time.

Breakfast for the Americas.- Our goal is to set up the more breakfast & lunch rooms for low income families in the Americas. We plan to start this social program in the United States and Mexico, expecting to expand our labor to other countries in Latin America; later in other countries.

Aurora Freedom.- A safe temporary home and job opportunities for recently released inmates in the United States.

UrbanaCrafter®.- Marketplace for original urban and rural handcrafts made by women and families at low income areas in the largest Latin American cities. Handcrafters will be trained to use internet to commercialize their products.

Educational Cyberclubs for Kids.- A place to develop learning skills in a funny environment.

Sweet Safe Home for Elders.- Low cost and free home care for seniors

Temporarily Closed Programs:

Medical Equipment Donation.- Wings of Love, Inc. started its Medical Equipment Donation for Low Income Communities Program in January 2012. The pilot program was focused to hospitals and/or health institutions in Mexico and Central America. However received applications from all around the world, including the United States, to help health institutions to crowdfund the required medical equipment.

Wings of Love, Inc. accomplished a few projects in Mexico and India. This program is temporarily on hold because it exceeded the capacity of our team to work out of North America. However, we realized through the submitted projects that there's a global need to improve health sector's facilities and services in low income communities. So, we plan to relaunch this program in the future.

From America to the World Entrepreneurs Network.- Non-profit network which provided education and information on business trends, international trade events, opportunities, innovation, trade agreements, online marketing, R&D, TI and more. This program helped small companies worldwide to expand their markets by supplying them with specialized information to achieve international free trade agreements, governmental programs, new technologies resources and online marketing strategies for their productive activities.

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