Netizen Investigative Journalism

Wings of Love, Inc. promotes the production of investigative journalism and news contents to strengthen global sustainable development, democracy and freedom of information, through professional unbiased journalistic research on top world affairs.

We’re currently supporting various journalistic outlets based in the United States for the Americas' audience, aimed to develop a rigorous Investigative Journalism model by achieving all the Information Technologies (IT) resources available. This program will open new job positions for young reporters, writers, photographers, web designers, etc.

tribuAmericas® Media Contents & Entertainment.- This is a bilingual (Spanish-English) news outlet and Journalism think tank which is part of the Wings of Love, Inc. Netizen Investigative Journalism Program for the Americas. It's focused to publish exclusive journalistic investigations on a variety of top affairs, mainly but not limited for micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses. This journalistic service encourages the intensive use of the information technologies to increase small enterprises' competitiveness and promotes the so called sustainopreneurship -- entrepreneurship for sustainable development and social responsibility. tribuAmericas® is also a marketplace for bilingual custom journalistic contents to feed other media outlets worldwide.

Cálamo&Alquimia®.- It's a bilingual (Spanish-English) online magazine targeted to the Latino population in the Americas. It addresses topics of Global Culture, Art, Entertainment, Social affairs, etc. It is also a place to promote new poetry and short stories, among other creative literary works.

Bazar Latino®.- It's a website for news, shopping, lifestyle and entertainment, targeted to the Latino population in the United States. This project is still under development.

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