No More Idle Young Minds in America

Patrick Crusius, the 21 years old who perpetrated the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, last August 3, 2019,  described himself in LinkedIn as someone “not really motivated to do anything more than what’s necessary to get by (…).” He used to spend more than eight continuous hours in front …

Make #WingsOfLoveInc Your Favorite Charity

Learn how your online shopping helps our nonprofit programs. Subscribe to our Wings of Love Inc. YouTube Channel for Charity Learn how you can help disadvantaged youth in America to succeed in life Choose Our Charity Programs Online Shopping with Heart Your Online Shopping is Donation    

Building America Success Towards 2050

IT’S TIME TO INVEST IN A NEW GENERATION OF COMMUNITY LEADERS, JOB CREATORS AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS OWNERS TO ADVANCE PROSPERITY FOR EVERYONE IN AMERICA   Between 2016 and 2017, the poverty rate in America increased among people with education below bachelor’s degree, according to the United States Census Bureau …

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