Election2020 Awareness Campaign

November 3, 2020 is the final date for our American Presidential Election process. Every vote will determine the future of our democracy. We know it’s a hard time for humanity; but it will be a patriotic action to vote for your preferred candidate. Our nation needs your vote. Our nation …

Christmas 2019: Homeless People at Downtown Los Angeles Got Warm Meals Gift Cards

On Christmas Eve 2019, the Wings of Love, Inc. volunteers and donors joined efforts to distribute 100 gift cards among homeless people. Recipients could exchange the cards for warm meals in some restaurants at the Los Angeles Downtown, where homeless people use to settle down. The distribution of gift cards …

Let’s Celebrate #NationalNonprofitDay 2019

This August 17, 2019 Wings of Love, Inc. will be part of the #NationalNonprofitDay, a great journey to celebrate the impact of people like you — volunteers, donors, and benefactors — throughout America, just by using Information Technologies (IT) to move communities into Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Freedom.

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