Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 Program

A child's course in life should be determined not by the ZIP code she's born in, but by the strength of her work ethic and the scope of her dreams."

President Barack Obama

Advancing Social & Economic Prosperity for Youths Under  21

Although the basis for financial literacy and money management begins in the home, there's an increasing need to empower our young people to launch their own entrepreneurial projects to advance social & economic prosperity worldwide. For this reason, Wings of Love, Inc. helps less privileged youth to discover and develop their life-long entrepreneurial potential and their personal leadership fully capable of manifesting success in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them and our society.

Wings of Love, Inc. brings youth entrepreneurship to life through an intensive business ownership experience. The participants in our program work to identify an entrepreneurial opportunity, prepare a business for launch, then run a profitable enterprise.

Along the journey, our young entrepreneurs develop an independent business with an earning potential and increased connection to the community.

Wings of love, Inc. is investing in a new generation of business owners, job creators and community leaders through a Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 program which supports kids between 16 and 21 years old to develop their entrepreneurial skills and raise capital for their first business, in order to advance the global social and economic prosperity through the practice of youth-centered entrepreneurship education.

Wings of Love, Inc. believe in entrepreneurship as the key to generate innovative solutions to the challenge of creating economic and social prosperity.  Enterprises create a positive life-long impact for youths, and for their environment, beyond a increased income for them and their families. Young entrepreneurs develop positive risk taking skills, and increased connection to the community.

Wings of Love, Inc. knows that entrepreneurship is best learned by doing it. Thus, our development model allows youth to experience entrepreneurship first-hand, and process their experience into a strong link with their communities as well as with other entrepreneurial leaders to move to their next potential level, to serve the greater good, with social responsibility for a sustainable world.

The Wings of Love, Inc.'s goal is to support and promote innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders who contribute to the well-being of their employees, customers, investors, communities and the environment.

The 2010 National Endowment for Financial Education National Survey revealed 86% of students say they would rather learn about money management in class before making mistakes in the real world; meanwhile the 2011 Charles Schwab Teens and Money Survey research showed "89% of teachers agree or strongly agree that students should take a financial literacy course or pass a test for high school graduation."

Sadly, up to date there are more than 6 million young Americans out of work and not in school, according to official data, and most of them are not able to develop assertive options to get back to school or quickly overcome unemployment.

That's because Wings of Love, Inc. is moving forward, beyond the business plan, incorporating a real-world, dollar generating experience for all of our youth, year-round.


  1. Young Entrepreneurs (16 to 21 years old) must submit a business idea with intensive use or development of the Information Technologies (IT), and explain how it would positively impact their community, our nation or the world.
  2. Business Consulting Experts at Wings of Love, Inc. will evaluate Young Entrepreneurs' business ideas to grant them access to recommended Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and other topics related, as well as to other useful educational resources which help participants to identify business opportunities, develop a business project, and set up goals.
  3. Young Entrepreneurs in our consulting program will work with the Wings of Love, Inc.'s consultants crew at business planning and scheduling, at the time they'll learn to develop their business management skills, to search funding sources, and build a competent team, among other tasks.
  4. Wings of Love, Inc. will provide ongoing administrative, manufacturing, software and marketing support for the Young Entrepreneurs' business projects.
  5. This Young Entrepreneurs program is a permanent business consulting. Candidates can apply at any time of the year; however, take notice that enrollment is currently limited to 100 students per year.