The Ten Rules for Achieving Success

"You are never too young (nor too old!!) to be an entrepreneur," our president, Silvia Meave, said at the Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 Nonprofit Program Crowdfunding Campaign's opening.

The only requirement to become the entrepreneur "junior" of the year is just to have a great idea to solve a problem in your community... or in the world, said the Wings of Love, Inc.'s president in a live video chat with a group of teenagers who expressed their concern about how to be a successful business owner at an early age.

Silvia suggested to youngsters to follow "the ten rules for achieving success" mentioned in the renowned motivational video by Gary Ryan Blair. "These are universal rules for life," the Wings of Love's president said.

If you need inspiration to develop your business idea to apply to our Young Entrepreneurs program, spend a couple of minutes watching the video. Remember that Wings of Love is not requesting a detailed business plan to choose the program's members among candidates. You must be creative enough to show our experts how you wish to improve your community's life. ♥

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