International Media Spot the New Wings of Love Program on Young Entrepreneurship

Nearly 230 media outlets around the world released today the official launch of the new Wings of Love, Inc.'s program for young entrepreneurs. The Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 program will help young people realize their life-long potential as business leaders and agents of meaningful social change.

The Young Entrepreneurs program is open to people aged 16 to 21. Applicants should submit a business idea that involves information technology and explain how their idea would be a positive force in the community, nation and world.

Participants "learn by doing" as they develop a business plan, seek funding sources, manage time and resources, and build a team committed to success. Along the way, Wings of Love consultants offer practical guidance and long-term strategies for growth and empowerment. The program aims to go far in terms of changing the financial and business literacy conversation in the U.S.

Wings of Love, Inc. thanks the following media outlets for the coverage of the Young Entrepreneurs Under 21 Program:


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