Wings of Love Holistic Community Development Hub

Impact the Life of Hundreds of Disadvantaged Youngsters

Get Involved to Keep the American Dream Alive

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If you agree that our society should balance a productive life with activities that benefit our community, and our planet’s natural environment; if you think it’s the hour of sustainable development to build a better world for our kids and to reduce the global wealth gap that is leading humanity to an infinity war, then YOU ARE A WINGED ANGEL, deserving to be member of a historic endeavor in America.

For centuries, philanthropy and volunteerism have been key actions to found an equitable society, as well as to reduce human suffering and disadvantage. Wings of Love, Inc. is taking a step forward before the third decade of our 21th Century begins, and YOU ARE INVITED TO ADD YOUR NAME AND/OR YOUR BUSINESS BRAND to the American history.

Thanks to YOUR CONTINUOUS SUPPORT, Wings of Love, Inc. is moving ahead to build the most innovative Holistic Community Development Hub.

The Wings of Love, Inc.’s Holistic Community Development Hub is intended to be a safe place near Reno, Nevada — which is considered to be the next Silicon Valley — to train visitors to develop a socially responsible technological way of life for themselves and for their communities.

Would You Like to Enjoy a Weekend, Learning from a VIP's Life Experience?

by Creating A Socially Responsible Way of Life for Everyone

our Nonprofit Programs to Get a Lifetime Free Membership

  • Self Development and Community Leadership Workshops
  • Techpreneurship, Epreneurship, Agripreneurship
  • Book Club
  • Arts & Culture Activities
  • Organic Ranch


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