More Techpreneur Girls, Less Poverty

Help Disadvantaged Girls in America to Build their Dreams

Techpreneurship Online Workshops for American Girls

Did you know...?

American high-school dropout girls' rate is up to 30%. So, our online training is a valuable option to secure a future for them out of poverty.

What Wings of Love, Inc. Is Doing to Help?

Wings of Love, Inc. is committed to transform the smartphones of many underprivileged girls (16-21 years old) in America into learning and working machines, by granting girls free access anytime to online courses that will help them to become successful entrepreneurs with positive influence on their communities’ economic environment.

In a first stage, our nonprofit program has targeted disadvantaged girls from California and Nevada, because poverty rates in these states have not been reduced enough during the last five years.

Latinos and less educated Californians have “dramatically higher poverty rates”, compared to other ethnic groups, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. Therefore, at Wings of Love, Inc., we are looking forward to mentor more girls from these social segments, in order to mitigate female vulnerability related to unschooled conditions and impoverishment.

The situation in Nevada is not very different from California’s. Poverty related to school dropout may reach from 20 to 23% of teen age population.


Specialists have demonstrated that parental education level is associated with child poverty. Since it’s expected that some day a majority of girls will be mothers, the best way to fight poverty is to invest in girls' education: “Among children in families where no adult had completed high school (about 9.3% of children), 53.0% were in poverty,” shows a document of the Public Policy Institute of California.



More Techpreneur Girls, Less Poverty


Help us to develop the Wings of Love, Inc.'s Techpreneurship Mentoring Program for high school dropout girls in social risk.

Your tax exempt donation will uplift the future of America's underprivileged girls between 16 and 21 years old, nationwide. We want to transform their smartphones in learning and working machines.

We'll train girls to use technology to build their own businesses by using internet and social media resources, so we'll reduce their vulnerability at facing low education and unemployment.

We'll work jointly with volunteers in impoverished communities to bring the larger number of girls to change trivial gossip chat for online training to build their true American Dream.

The girls in our nonprofit program will learn to identify the dream of their life and how to achieve it through technology resources.

In a first stage, this program will provide free technological literacy for girls, but at the same time it will empower them to become community leaders able to manage micro-companies from their smartphones, as well as to develop local social projects to improve the life in their communities.


Every dollar you donate will help us to produce the basic learning tools, like video-conferences and ebooks to be used in our trainees smartphones.
We also want to give away smartphones, tablets and computers to qualified trainees as a reward for their commitment and advancement.
At the end, we want girls to be creative, empowered and financially strong at reaching 22 years old.

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