Education on the Use of Internet for a Better Life

When contemplating to develop strategies for education in the Internet, and for the Global Economy's Internet activities, particular attention has to be given to the identification of key factors influencing the needs of students, the future of international job markets, and the technological evolution.

Any coaching strategy to use the Internet for a better life not including the basic variables previously mentioned, will fall short on supplying the right information and instruction to make from online activities a profitable enterprise.

The Wings of Love, Inc. team has been committed for long time to innovate the use of the Internet tools for entrepreneurship basic instruction, by considering that up to date a majority of American youngsters, no matter their social or income status, have easy access to Information Technologies (IT) like smartphones, tablets or computers. So, our kids have valuable tools to work, and not only for school research or for their entertainment.

Moreover, our youngsters can help adults from underprivileged communities to be part of the new IT economy. That's why Wings of Love, Inc. is working to train kids from 16 to 21 years old to develop creative ways to work on the Internet, and to become a social interlock to overcome poverty in the world, as well as its aftermath, like social violence, drug addictions, etc.

Kids trained by the Wings of Love, Inc.'s Young Entrepreneurs program can coach their moms to work from home by using the Internet, or they can help their neighbors to set up and manage online stores for traditional local businesses like shoes repair, plumbing services, pet care or groceries stores.

Complexity in business projects will depend on every young entrepreneur's creative capacity. Our young entrepreneurs decide what service or product they're enthusiastic about to make it a business. Wings of Love, Inc. will launch at the end of 2017 a series of free videoblogs (vlogs), blogs and ebooks that will provide basic resources for American kids who want to advance on IT knowledge beyond formal school instruction, but don't have enough money to enroll in extracurricular activities or to pay college tuition.

At last, we think our kids aren't bound to have a successful life conditioned by getting a college diploma. Internet and education come together whenever we use the knowledge accumulated by all the wonderful individuals on the web. Wings of Love, Inc. is taking advantage of instruction from real entrepreneurs and experts in IT that  are ready to share their secrets about business incorporation, online channels of distribution, basics of e-marketing, Internet sales, accounting, public relations on the web, etc.

Share this info with moms, dads, teens and any other person who can be looking for to put a youngster on firm ground at deciding to go further on education for work.

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