If She’d Had Early Support to Develop Her Working Skills

I finally got my first computer (after an entire lifetime of poverty and homelessness) when I was in my early 40’s and had been married (which is how I finally got myself housed since no one ever gave me a chance for a job). I began teaching myself software development…

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#GivingTuesday2017: Philanthropy is a Good Habit

#givingtuesday2017 at wings of love

Philanthropy and SponsorshipTWO WAYS TO SUPPORT DISADVANTAGED AMERICANS Independent charities and nonprofit organizations, like Wings of Love, Inc., are always in need of funding. Donations given to charitable institutions like ours are often a large source of their income for operations and causes. There are generally two ways to receive…

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The Best Businesses for Teenagers

Are You a Young Entrepreneur Looking For To Start Your First Own Business?A Wings of Love, Inc.’s Expert Tells You Here What Are The Best Businesses For Teenagers Micro businesses are the ideal company for teenagers. Micro businesses are simple to begin, they may be run at convenience from the…

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